Family Law

Dividing Your Assets Isn't Always Easy

Navigate the process with a divorce attorney in Shreveport, LA

Parting ways is always a challenge for couples, especially those with significant assets. If you're filing for divorce, make sure you have an experienced family law attorney by your side. The Law Office of Jeremy Babers is based in Shreveport, LA, offering representation for clients throughout surrounding areas.

Having a divorce attorney by your side is the best way to protect your assets. Reach out to our firm today for more information.

When to contact our attorney

Working with an attorney can make the legal process a little bit easier. Attorney Babers understands the ins and outs of family law and can help you understand your options during a divorce or custody battle.

You should reach out to a family law attorney if...

  • You're ready to file for divorce.
  • You want to pursue custody of your child.
  • You need spousal support.
  • You're seeking guardianship of a loved one.
  • You want to adopt a child.
Are you ready for a divorce? Attorney Babers is here to help. Call 318-935-0518 now to start the process.

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